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2017 Wasatch High Inspirational Athletes:


Carly Reed- Archery

Carly was the glue that held archery together this year. She was the first one to every practice and improved the most because of her dedication. Carly is a trained archery instructor and was always willing to teach her fellow teammates. She took Third at state in High school girls and lead our team to our sixth straight state title and new state record team score.

 Zac Post-Baseball

Zac was the epitome of hard work and dedication. His leadership brought the entire team up in the weight room, classroom, and the playing field.

Wyatt Davies-Boys Basketball

Wyatt inspired our team on the court with confidence and effort. Behind the scenes, Wyatt was an inspirational leader with his never-give-up attitude to overcome injuries and surgery to become a varsity starter.

Samantha Berg- Girls Basketball

Sam Berg someone who was always trying to encourage her team mates on and off the court to be the best that they could be and to believe in themselves.

Asher Richards- Boys Cross Country

This is Asher’s first year running Cross Country.  He had open heart surgery this past year and his doctor’s recommended that he participate in a sport.  He chose Cross Country.  In June, when pre-season started he was held back until his fitness improved. After 1 month of easy mileage he was finally able to start some speed work and was extremely excited.  As the season wore on, he started pushing himself harder and became the most improved athlete.  At our Region meet, I had some spectators come up to me and ask questions about him.  Not only has he been an inspiration to our team, but to those of our Region. When he received this award at our team banquet, he received a standing ovation.

 Ingrid Norton- Girl’s Cross Country

I’ve coached Ingrid for the past 4 years, 3 of those in Cross Country.  Ingrid was voted a team captain this year and she took the time to learn everyone’s name and get to know them on a personal level.  She was a very dedicated athlete and encouraged everyone around her.  At our Region Championships this past fall, she ran 2 seconds short of a 7th time finish for a varsity spot at the State Meet earning a runner-up position. Each of the varsity members of the team came up to me and offered to have Ingrid take their spot at the State Meet as they had a great respect for her and the dedication they saw her put into training.  She is truly loved by her treammates.

Pristine Phelps- Drill

Pristine Phelps: Pristine has been nominated by her teammates because of the positivity that she radiates as soon as she walks into the room. She had an innate ability to connect with and influence every member of the team this year and her receiving this award is a true testament of that. We wish Pristine good luck and know that wherever she goes she will be successful because of the joy she puts into everything she does.

 Nick Bryan- Football

Coach Bringhurst said I have known Nick for 5 years and have enjoyed coaching him in the sports of football and wrestling.  Nick is THE ONLY player that came to practice every day excited to roll up his sleeves and go to work.  Nick has never shown a negative attitude and always exuded passion in everything that he has done.  Nick has the ability to multi-task or juggle several things that are on his plate and do well on each task on hand.  Nick is a 4.0 student, football player, FFA member, Student Body President, among other things.  Nick was able to excel in everything he was involved in and exceeded the expectations of his coaches, teachers, administrators, and peers.

Jack Holmes- Boys Golf

Jack had a great attitude and always was looking for a way to score.  One of our assistants said this about Jack, ” there is no quit in Jack” He’s a great person to have on the team, I didn’t hear any complaints about him during the season by his teammates or his competitors.

Averi Stover- Girls Golf

In the history of girl’s golf at Wasatch High school, we have never had our seniors lead our team.  This year Averi was our team leader.  She had a great attitude, she worked on her game, she was excited about playing and she set a good standard for the other girls to follow.

Ben Taylor- Boy’s Lacrosse

Ben has played on the boys lacrosse team for two years. As a senior and a Team Captain he was a leader of the team. Ben came with a hard work ethic, playing hard in games, many times though injuries, leading with an example of determination and grit. Ben was an example to underclass men, especially those that had not played that with hard work they could play and be successful. Ben also offered many inspiration thoughts before games rallying his team.

 Haley Scher- Girls Lacrosse

Haley has been with the girls lacrosse program since it started. She is the kind of player a coach hopes all his players are! She is kind and supportive to all her teammates, she comes to games even when she is ill, she reaches out and helps others making everyone feel like they are part of the team regardless of skill.

Chloe Smith- Mountain Biking

Gabrielle Bethers- Rodeo

Gabrielle was chosen by her peers as the most inspirational girl on our team, Gabrielle cheers everyone on at the rodeo, asks them how they did at the rodeos and is kind to everyone.

Hayden Andersen- Rodeo

Hayden Andersen was chosen by his peers as the most inspirational boy on our team. Hayden always has a smile on his face, cheers everyone on and is a friend to everyone he meets.

Megan Gabler- Girls Rugby

Megan (as a sophomore) has gone above and beyond this year to develop herself as a player and most importantly as a leader for the team.  She never missed a practice and would show up early to work on her kicking and passing.  She ran girls warmups and would consistently volunteer to demonstrate drills and game situations.  She spent numerous hours managing the team from the player perspective by coordinating fitness and practice schedules with coaches and players, planning game day prep, and actually being the team captain on the field on game day.  She is a primary reason for the overall success of WHS rugby.  She was unanimously voted as “player of the year” by both the girls and boys teams and coaching staff for her leadership and has been truly an inspiration to the entire WHS Rugby program.

Mason McDonald- Boys Rugby

Mason turned a page this year with rugby. He got himself focused on continuous skill development and consistency of play and through his hard work he earned all-conference honors.  He played a “grinder” position called prop that doesn’t usually have a lot of glory with it but just does the grind for every play.  The position is constantly hitting/tackling – Mason averaged 18 tackles per game for the season.  He would also run the ball an average of 10 carries per game, running the ball up 5-10 yards at a time to set up another team mate for a chance to score.  He also took on a leadership role for the younger players by working with them on technique and skills development in practice.   Mason never lost his cool in games. During the heat of the game all our players looked to his leadership to stay focused on our game, even when the other team was trying to get him to retaliate by punching him while in the bottom of a pile or hitting him high during a tackle etc. Mason would not give in.  Mason was a steady force for our boys team and our most inspirational player.

Dax Holmes- Boys Soccer

Dax is always positive.  Whether it is at practice, on the field of play, or sitting the bench overcoming injury, Dax is able to verbalize a positive attitude with his teammates.  It is not only his mastery of the game that helps lift his team to success, but the mastery of his encouraging comments.  Dax is a great representative as boy’s soccer Most Inspirational Player.

 Melissa Fellows- Girls Soccer

Melissa has a fantastic attitude that permeates the girls soccer team.  She knows the exhilaration of scoring a winning goal and the frustration of not playing every game.  No matter the circumstances Melissa always put the team ahead of herself.  The encouragement to teammates and support of the coaching staff was always with a smile and laughter.  Practice, matches and bus rides home were always a fun experience with Melissa’s infectious, mischievousness, personality.

Lexie Richins- Softball

Lexie started every game all four years.  Had a down year by her standards but continued to work and try to make herself better every day by her work ethic.  She pushed the team to be their best.  She was the best assistant coach/player we had, meaning I could count on her to help me get things done.

 Kale Walker- Boys Swimming

Kale was selected by his peers as the inspirational male swimmer and it was well deserved.  Kale taught everyone around him that we all can do hard things.  His positive and determined attitude was always inspiring.

 Brooklin Sorenson- Girls Swimming

BrookLin was chosen by her peers because of her great work ethic and ability to encourage her teammates to be better and work harder.

Sanjay Gounder- Boys Tennis

Sanjay was most improved player last year and was set up for a great year this year before he broke his arm.  He was unable to play almost the entire season but still came to all practices, matches, region, state tournament, and everything he could to support the team.

Hallie Sparks- Girls Tennis

Hallie goes far above and beyond what is to be a great teammate.  Hallie would go to great lengths to make sure that everyone is included.  She is a friend to every player on the team and makes everyone feel special.  That is why she was voted by her teammates to receive this award multiple times.

Jake Ellis- Boys Track

Jake was voted as most inspirational by his peers simply because of his contagious positivity.  Jake is always shooting for stars with regard to the way he approaches running.  He is energetic and anxious to preform at practice.  He is happy and full of energy when he competes.  Jake is a joy to have on the team because his positivity rubs off on others as he encourages and builds his teammates toward success of their own.  Jake is the kind of inspiration every team needs, and we are proud to have him with us.

Kylie Guymon- Girls Track

Kylie has been the model team leader through her senior year as a captain on the track team.  Yes, Kylie is ranked near the top of the state in all of her events, but that isn’t only because she is good at what she does–it is also because she works incredibly hard at perfecting her craft week after week, and day after day.  Kylie loves her teammates–a trait that comes naturally and organically.  When Kylie isn’t killing a grueling workout or preparing mentally for a race, she is usually talking and laughing with teammates who need a laugh.  Kylie’s inspiration is genuine, and her teammates love her for it.

Madison Amis- Unified Soccer

Madi- was a leader for unified soccer. She has been playing for the last 3 years.  She did a wonderful job being a goalie this year. We have loved having Madi on the unified soccer team.

Cameron Blaze- Unified Track

Cameron- has participated in unified track for the last 2 years.  He lead his team to second place in state.  His speed has tremendously increased this year. We loved having him on the unified track team.

Ashley Burdette- Girl’s Volleyball

“Ashley was the quiet leader.  As the setter, she was a part of nearly every play, like a quarterback in football, but would shy away from the limelight.  Always doing her part, she would make sure everyone got involved.  She has been a part of the Wasps as one of the varsity setters for 2 years.  We will greatly miss her.”

Kamron Martindale- Boy’s Volleyball

“Kam has been the spirit of the team for several seasons now.  He has brought experience and enthusiasm, but more importantly, he has brought intensity and passion for the game, and that has spread quickly to every corner of the team.  He has helped make everyone a better player, and that’s what makes him inspirational.”

Cody Harris – Water Polo

Cody is one of those kids you love to coach. He gave 100%, all the time, encouraged his team mates to do the same, and never missed a practice without giving us a good reason beforehand.  But he excelled out of the pool as well, being a key player on his hockey team, excelling academically and always being one of the first to see if we needed help with anything as coaches. We will miss not only his athletic dominance, but he’s a great all-around individual.

Anna Durrans- Water Polo

Anna is one of the hardest workers on the team and is always encouraging her team mates to work just as hard.  She is very kind and supportive to everyone around her. She’s the type of athlete every coach would love to have.

Jakob Discher- Wrestling

I have known Jakob Discher his whole life.;)  Jake has not always had the successes that he has experienced over the past few seasons but he has always persevered and has never given up.  This past season though, he experienced something that did not require guts or will but something in which he had no control over………a miracle.  Jake and his sister Kailee were T-boned by a semi-tanker truck.  A fraction of a second later or earlier, they both would be dead but instead, they were able to walk away with minor injuries.  Jake was back to wrestling practice 2 days later.  He went on to lead his team to the dual and individual team state titles.  He also became 2X state champion and HS All-American.  For Jakob to experience a true life-saving miracle is to have a second lease on life and the realization that he has been spared for a greater purpose.   I am so thankful that both of my kids are alive.