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Coed Junior Varsity Cross Country, Coed Varsity Cross Country · X Ctry Pre-season Dinner & Summer Schedule

Miner%27s Retreat

Cross Country is getting ready to start. We will be having our 3rd annual team dinner where we get to meet the incoming Freshman and the team captains will take everyone on a run while parent’s get to stay behind and meet/visit with each other and the coaches. Parent’s are also welcome to go on the run.

Location:  Wasatch Mountain State Park, Campground by the Golf Course.  Group Site: Miner’s Retreat (map is attached)
Date: Tuesday, May 30
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Dinner: Pot Luck – Sloppy Joes
Seniors: Sloppy Joe Meat
  A-M: Salads
  N-Z: Chips
  A-M: Buns for Sloppy Joes
  N-Z: Drinks
Incoming Freshman: come ready to run 🙂
Athletes: come dressed to go on a short run
Monday @ 7am.  Meet at the Wasatch State Park Visitor Center: core + uphill mileage
Tuesday @ 7am.  Meet at Coyote Lane (the cove park): core/plyometrics + easy run  OR Cross Train
Wednesday @ 7am.  Meet at Soldier Hollow: core + speed/fartleks/intervals
Thursday @ 7am.  Meet at Dutch Hollow: plyometrics + easy run OR Cross Train
Friday @ 7am.  Meet at Deer Creek Dam Trailhead (Chalet/Rocky Mountain Outfitters) Long Run
Saturday: Easy Mileage/Cross Train on your own
I recommend that you sign up for Summer Weights with Coach Coburn.  Returning Varsity athletes MUST get some weight training/lifting.  I’ve attached the sign-up form/costs associated with this class.  If you are not going to attend/participate in his class, please contact me for a list of weight lifting exercises to do on your own or at a gym.