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Multiple Teams · Wasatch High School Girls Varsity Soccer falls to Springville High School 2-1

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

7:00 PM

Springville High School
Wasatch High School

Game Recap

The final Region 8 game for Wasatch and Springville. Senior Recognition Night for Myia Hoggan, Mickey Scovil, Hannah Johnston, Mikayla Hall, Macy Risto and Addy Larsen. The final game of the year for the losing team and the 5A playoffs for the winning team. A winner take all game for qualifying for state was at stake. The teams knew what was on the line and the crowd did too. It was an electrifying, drama filled night at Wright-Tree Stadium under the lights.

The Wasatch Wasps began with great possession and an attacking mindset. It was beautiful, energetic soccer by Wasatch and Springville seemed to be on their heels the first ten minutes. Each team settled in with some really good soccer, the Wasps having the run of play and most opportunities on net during the first half. The Red Devils seemed to score the first goal on their only good chance of the first twenty minutes but the apparent goal was called off because of offside. This seemed to re-energize the Wasps who did score, after multiple chances, in the 28th minute. Mickey Scovil attacked from the outside right midfield and sent a wonderful cross to Addy Larsen who lofted a beautiful shot over the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper. There were several other excellent chances for Wasatch to score, but they could not put the ball away in the net. With a fantastic, offensive showing for the whole half, there just was not the 3 or 4 goals that could have been on the scoreboard.

The crowd was spectacularly supportive. It was HVSC Night (Heber Valley Soccer Club) at the girls soccer game, and the west side was quite full with future Wasatch players. A lot of the regular fans, new fans, and Wasp football players were constantly singing, cheering, and yelling their support for the soccer team. It was a lot of fun to be a part of such a raucous, fun filled atmosphere. The players were energized and ready to come out the second half.

Springville had plans of their own as they came out in the second half with renewed energy. The Red Devils came out a blazing with multiple offensive opportunities. Bre Eaves and Tara Warner, two sophomore standouts, were able to bait the Wasp defense into committing to the ball, missing and then being punished by excellent goals in the 49th and 55th minute. After making a couple of anxious attempts at going for the ball, the defense settled down and the Wasp offense once again began to attack the back line of the Springville defense.

With twenty minutes left, it appeared as if Wasatch had tied the game up with a goal but it was waved off by the assistant referee. The Wasps did not give up. There were several other opportunities in the last 10 minutes that looked like sure goals. The first one was a shot from 3 yards out on the far post after a scrum for the ball off a corner had bounced around to the foot of a Wasatch player. The finish looked like a sure thing but bounced directly off the post, away from any follow up opportunity. The second good chance was a breakaway that was snuffed out by the goalkeeper as she came out to meet the attacking Wasp.

The game ended with a rush of emotion realizing the end of the season had come prematurely. What an exciting, all out soccer game for the crowd and both teams. It was a fitting ending for the Wasps as five of the six region losses were all by one goal and each of the games were ones that Wasatch had plenty of opportunities to win. Region 8 was extremely tough and every game was a nail biting, close experience with a lot of excellent play and a lot of heart shown by the players.

What a fantastic, exciting brand of soccer the girls played all year. Never giving up and supporting each other all year. The team will miss the six seniors next season. Thank you, Myia Hoggan, Hannah Johnston, Addy Larsen, Mikayla Hall, Macy Risto and Mickey Scovil.

Wasatch Statistics
Shots: 20
Shots on goal: 11
Goalkeeper Saves: 6
Corner Kicks: 7
Direct Kicks: 5
Indirect Kicks: 0

Springville Statistics
Shots: 16
Shots on goal: 8
Goalkeeper saves: 10
Corner Kicks: 2
Direct Kicks: 2
Indirect Kicks: 1

Box Scores