Coed Varsity Track · Nebo Track Invite Results

The Track team traveled to Maple Mountain High School this past Saturday to participate in the Nebo Invitational with 11 other schools. The girls team took 3rd place with 78.2 points following Maple Mountain with 138.5 pts and Salem Hills 121.7 pts. The boys team took 4th with 79pts behind Maple Mountain’s 114.5 pts, Springville’s 99 pts and Salem Hill’s 92.5 pts.

The following are athletes that participated in the meet with an *by the individual’s name that ran a State Qualifying mark and an **for a BYU Qualifying mark.

Girls 4x100m relay (Karissa Bingham, Katelyn Nichols, Mickey Scovil, Addy Larsen) 4th 52.37.

Boys 4x100m relay (Tanner Butterfield, Kaden Smith, Sam Lemon) 4th 45.90

Girls 3200m: Sophia Burkemo 24th 14:46.32

Boys 3200m: Mason Heimburger 18th 10:52.85, Josh Williams 25th 11:34.68, Eric Patterson 28th 12:02.37, Tad Webb, 30th 12:09.69, Jake Lively 31st 12:45.94, Michael Pavicic 35th 13:09.50

Girls 100m Hurdles: **Annie Hill 4th 17.08, Ellie Martindale 15th 18.40, Jade Park 25th 19.51, Savannah

Boys 110m Hurdles: *Bennet Hill 1st 15:12, **Jake Hill 5th 16.31, Connely Hill 27th 20.81, Caleb West 29th 20.99, Paxton Webb 32nd 23.12

Girls 100m: **Mickey Scovil 12th 13.57, **Karissa Bingham 13th 13.59, **Katelyn Nichols 17th 13.69, **Addy Larsen 13.87, **Macy Risto 13.97, Lucy Clawson 32nd 14.37

Boys 100m: *Zach Davis 1st 10.96, **Kaden Smith 10th 11.89, Sam Lemon 29th 12.17, Tanner Butterfield 36th 12.27, Connely Hill 44th 12.61

Girls 400m: **Sydney Hales 2nd 1:01.02, Makayla Bastos 8th 1:04.11, Macy Risto 8th 1:04.11, Brooke Sargent 12th 1:05.12, Amy Richardson 13th 1:05.21, McKell Gagon 14th 1:05.75

Boys 400m: Braden Patterson 13th 56.20, Brayden Guymon 19th 57.36, Dan Bennion 28th 58.68

Girls 300m Hurdles: Savannah Dorrough 11th 54.16, Jake Park 12th 54.23, Ellie Martindale 22nd 56.02, McKinley Raven 24th 56.74, Katelyn Higginson 32nd 57.76

Boys 300m Hurdles: *Jake Hill 2nd 41.00, **Bennet Hill 5th 42.65, Austin Horner 9th 44.80, Caleb West 15th 47.28, Connely Hill 20th 49.47, Seth Saxton 21st 49.71, Paxton Webb 27th 55.48

Girls 800m: **Anna Baird 2:31.51, Anna McCullough 2:42.68, Brinlee Luster 21st 2:43.00, Brittney Burton 22nd 2:43.48

Boys 800m: Caeden Jarvis 31st 2:24.68

Girls 200m: **Sydney Hales 8th 27.86, **Karissa Bingham 28.37, **Mickey Scovil 12th 28.46, Mariela Luster 17th 28.88, Katelyn Nichols 18th 28.93, Addy Larsen 22nd 29.73

Boys 200m: **Kaden Smith 7th 24.41, Sam Lemon 20th 25.22, Tanner Butterfield 23rd 25.49, Braden Patterson 32nd 25.89

Girls Medley (Abbi Wright, Lucy Clawson, Mariela Luster, Brittney Burton) 2nd 4:56.97

Girls 1600m: *Abby West 3rd 5:11.72, Anna McCullough 21st 6:09.86, Grace Neal 24th 6:34.24, Sarah Powell 25th 6:42.26, Megan Woodward 29th 6:52.25, Emmalee Hendry 30th 6:53.91, Kate Tholstrom 31st 6:56.72

Boys 1600m: **Mack Hinckley 4:48.19, **Kyle Weldon 7th 4:48.99, Bentley Ackerson 11th 4:56.65, Josh Benson 13th 4:56.97, Josh Horner 26th 5:09.88, Luke Straddeck 43rd 6:05.79

Girls 4×400 (Sydney Hales, Macy Risto, McKell Gagon, Brooke Sargent) 1st 4:16.19

Boys 4×400 (Braden Patterson, Brayden Guymon) 4th 3:50.35

Boys High Jump: *Zach Davis 7th 6-0

Girls High Jump: *Mikayla Stevens 2nd 5-01, **Claire Kieffer 7th 4-11, **Annie Hill 7th 4-11, **Morgan Rosskelly 13th 4-09

Boys Javelin: Bob Schick 20th 112-04, Jay Nelson 25th 107-11

Girls Javelin: **Quincy Olney 2nd 97-04, Sierra Calder 12th 81-04, Erika Fredericks 16th 73-01, Mikayla Hall 19th 71-05, Sydney Hiatt 21st 69-10, Corrine Fife 26th 60-01

Boys Shot Put: *Mitch Nelson 3rd 46-07, Bob Schick 15th 38-07, Jay Nelson 24th 35-00

Girls Shot Put: Kaitlyn Horne 10th 26-07, Quincy Olney 13th 26-02, Brittania Raynor 18th 25-08.50, Kelsey Crane 29th 23-07.50, Sydney Hiatt 33rd 22-00

Girls Long Jump: *Addy Larsen 1st 16-06, **Karissa Bingham 15-10, Daisy Fuentes 25th 13-03, Morgan Rosskelly 26th 13-02.50

Boys Long Jump: *Zach Davis 1st 21-10.50, **Kaden Smith 10th 18-01.50, **Tanner Butterfield 13th 18-01, Vic Ostergaard 35th 14-01.50

Boys Discus: *Mitch Nelson 2nd 131.02

Girls Discus: Tessa Nielson 7th 81-04, Sydney Hiatt 8th 81-00, Hannah Moss 14th 74-00, Emma Berg 16th 73-05, Kelsey Crane 20th 67-05, Erika Fredericks 24th 59-07.

For a complete list of results, please go to, click on 2018 results and then Nebo Invite (High School). Our next meet will be a region 10 tri-school meet held at our WHS track on April 10th.