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summer training

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Welcome to the 2018 Cross Country Season!  I’ve attached 3 documents:

1.  Summer Training
2. Nutrition Guidelines & Menu Plans
3. What Shoe is right for you
Summer Training
If this is your first year running (continuous daily running) please follow the beginner schedule. More advanced runners can choose which mileage program they wish to follow, however; I would like to see the returning Varsity runners run the ‘Advanced’ training plan.  The elite training program should not be followed at this time.
Monday: 7am @ Wasatch State Park Visitor Center: 2 mile uphill run-Snake Creek (June 18, July 16 & August 13, we will meet at the Park by Ridleys Market in Midway to run mile repeats up Memorial Hill)
Tuesday: 7am @ WHS – weights followed by easy mileage
Wednesday: 7am Deer Creek Dam Trail/Soldier Hollow for long Run or short hill repeats @ Soldier Hollow, meet @ Wasatch State Park Chalet
Thursday: 7am Dutch Hollow for recovery mileage
Friday: 7am @ WHS – weights followed by easy mileage
Saturday: run on your own.
You are welcome to bring your bike to practice.  Helmets must be worn on Wasatch State Park Trails!
We will be having weights twice per week, please plan on attending these practices.  Weights is extremely important in our training program.
***Weekly emails will be sent out with the training for the week.  This will include any speed work that you may need to run on your own if you aren’t in town.
Nutrition Guidelines & Menu Plans
I have many athletes that have come up to me and stated that they don’t have any energy to run the workouts or that they are tired all of the time.  Eating the proper nutrition for running is extremely important.  This also helps with injury prevention.  The document that is provided came from speaking with a Nutritionist and many hours of research.
What Shoe is Right for You
The proper running shoe is extremely important.  Please read the document to help with purchasing shoes for either yourself or your student athlete. Make sure that the shoe fits properly.  I’ve found that it takes about 45 minutes at a ‘running shoe store’ to find the shoe that is right for you.  Your running shoe should feel like you are wearing a sock, it’s that comfortable.  Once you find the shoe that works for you, you can do google searches to purchase them at reduced $$$. usually has past models at a discounted cost and they have FREE 2-day shipping.
2018 Season 
Our Season will officially start on Monday July 30. Attendance is Mandatory!  We will practice twice per day @ 7am and again at 3pm to get heat acclimated.  Our first meet will be Friday August 17 @ Highland (Sugarhouse Park)  I will email our schedule as it becomes finalized. If you have a family vacation once the season starts, I need to receive an email to be excused.
1. Registration.  Please go to  and get registered for Cross Country prior to July 30.  you will need to get a physical as well.  The form can be downloaded from  You will also need to pay the $50 participation fee prior to the first meet.
2.  Physicals.  WHS is working with IHC on getting a day scheduled for FREE physicals.  I will email the date as that becomes available.
Our Athletic Director forwarded information from VNN (our athletic website @  This allows patrons to make purchases online while the team/school receives a percentage back.  I’ve set-up a Cross Country page that will allow you to become a member and then click on links to start shopping. You can also download an APP for mobile online shopping.  Examples of companies that are participating are: Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Apple, Under Armour, Buffalo Wild Wings, HP, Lowe’s, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and many many more. Please click on the following link for more information and to become a member of our fundraising group. You can also share the link with your family & friends.
Jr. High Cross Country teams
We will be starting a Jr. High Cross Country team that includes athletes from both Rocky Mountain & Timpanogos Middle Schools.  Please invite them to come run with us this summer.
If you have any questions, please ask.