Coed Junior Varsity Track, Coed Varsity Track · Track Men & Women place first at Uintah

Last Wednesday, the track team took 117 athletes to the 2019 Big Red-Underclassman Invitational in Vernal. Both the boys and girls team took 1st place with the girl’s team scoring 257 points and the boy’s team with 203 points.

Scoring for the girl’s team (**BYU qualifying time, *State Qualifying time)

Sprint Medley: 1st (Rachael Heath, Elizabeth Anthony, Leila Spruill, Anna Baird) 4:52.44

100m Hurdles: *Annie Hill 1st 16:14, **Ellie Martindale 2nd 17.82, Mae Foster 4th 18.59, Anzlei Larsen 6th 19.29

100m: **Annie Hill 1st 13.25, **Karissa Bingham 2nd 13.40, **Lucy Clawson 4th 13.47, **Lexi Vernsey 5th 13.70, Mae Foster 6th 14.03

1600m: Savanna Dorrough 4th 6:05

4×100: 1st (Sydney Price, Lucy Clawson, Sydney Hales, Karissa Bingham) 51.77

400m: **Sydney Hales 1st 1:00.51, **Makayla Bastos 3rd 1:03.04, Sydney Price 4th 1:04.51

300m Hurdles: Savanna Dorrough 2nd 54.39, Annie Hill 3rd 54.82, Anzlei Larsen 4th 55.74, Mae Foster 5th 57.44, Emilia Chamberlain 6th 57.50

800m: **Madelyn King 1st 2:34.30, Grace Neal 4th 2:39.77, Sophia Burkemo 6th 2:42.56

200m: **Sydney Hales 1st 27.01, **Karissa Bingham 3rd 27.68, **Lucy Clawson 4th 28.13, **Sydney Price 5th 28.40, Makayla Bastos 6th 28.76

3200m: Abbie Randall 1st 11:43.16, Megan Woodward 3rd 14:02.8

4x400m: 1st (Anna Baird, Madelyn King, Savanna Dorrough, Sidney Hales) 4:23.51

Javelin: Erika Fredericks 3rd 74-08, Ellie Martindale 4th 73-06, Maddie Mair 6th 68-04

Long Jump: **Karissa Bingham 2nd 16-02, **Makayla Bastos 3rd 15-6, **Rachel Heath 6th 15-.50

Shot Put: **Mandy Belknap 1st 29-7, Hannah Moss 5th 24-1

High Jump: **Alisha Maxwell 1st 4-10, Annie Hill 2nd 4-6, Rachel Noyce 2nd 4-6, Karissa Bingham 2nd 4-6, Lexi Vernsey 5th 4-6

Discus: **Erika Fredericks 1st 81-7, Payton Caldwell 4th 74-05, Hannah Moss 5th 70-9.50, Mandy Belknap 6th 68-5.50

Scoring the boy’s team

Sprint Medley: 1st (Connely Hill, Seth Saxton, Mack Hinckley, Josh Benson) 3:47.03

110m Hurdles: Connely Hill 2nd 17.54, Caleb West 3rd 18.09, Treyson Poppinga 4th 18.78, Nathaniel Foote 5th 18.80

100m: **Peter Meuzelaar 11.93, **Caleb West 2nd 11.99, **Hayden Stocking 3rd 12.03

1600m: Connor Weldon 3rd 5:04, Jake Giles 4th 5:07

4×100: 2nd (Seth Saxton, Hayden Stocking, Peter Meuzelaar, Sam Lemon) 46.29

400m: Matt Johnston 2nd 55.81, Carson Guymon 3rd 56.23, JT May 5th 56.75

300m Hurdles: Caleb West 1st 44.31, Nathaniel Foote 2nd 45.03, Treyson Poppinga 3rd 47.52

800m: Brayden Guymon 3rd 2:10.58, Josh Benson 4th 2:11.73, Josh Horner 5th 2:12.82

200m: **Connely Hill 1st 23.10, **Peter Meuzelaar 2nd 24.14, Hayden Stocking 4th 24.75

3200m: Jake Giles 1st 11:27.38, Brock Coombs 5th 11:57.62

4x400m: 1st (Matt Johnston, JT May, Carson Guymon, Mack Hinckley) 3:44.26

Discus: Enrique Ferreyra 2nd 107-02, Parker North 4th 99-00, Jay Nelson 5th 98-6.50

High Jump: **Sam Lemon 3rd 5-6

Long Jump: **Vic Ostergaard 5th 18-8

Shot Put: **Jay Nelson 2nd 41-3, Braxton Turner 4th 35-11, Enrique Ferreyra 5th 35-00

For a complete list of results, please go to and click under 2019 results and 2019 Big Red Underclassman Invitational.

This Friday the Varsity team will take 6 athletes in each event to the 2019 Skyhawk Midnite Invite held at Salem Hills with events starting at 3pm.