Coed Varsity Track · Region VIII Track Results

The track team traveled to Provo High School to participate in the Region 8 Championships this past Wednesday & Thursday. The meet started at 3pm on Wednesday, but due to some timer issues the 1600m didn’t start until 3:20. The conditions for this race were ideal, with temperatures in the mid 60’s and a slight breeze. It wasn’t until after the 1600m, and many timer issues during the Hurdles races (which included 2 races being re-run) that a strong wind arose from the north. This wind continued throughout the remainder of Wednesdays meet. Despite this, there were some great performances from our athletes.

The following are those athletes that participated in the sprint trials with the top 8 athletes advancing to the finals events which were held on Thursday.

100m Hurdles: Annie Hill 1st 15.88, Ellie Martindale 6th 17.04, Mckinley Raven 12th 18.32, Mae Foster 14th 18.52, Anzlei Larsen 15th 18.57, Emilia Chamberlain 17th 19.13

110m Hurdles: Connely Hill 3rd 17.25, Caleb West 4th 17.30, Treyson Poppinga 9th 18.58, Nathaniel Foote 10th 19.12, Adam Edwards 17th 21.51

100m (girls): Lucy Clawson 15th 13.27, Sydney Hales 20th 13.46, Karissa Bingham 21st 13.47, Annie Hill 24th 13.56, Callie Griffith 25th 13.61, Lexi Vernsey 27th 13.73

100m (boys): Kaden Smith 8th 11.37, Connely Hill 11th 11.44, Peter Meuzelaar 15th 11.67, Vic Ostergaard 31st 12.20, Hayden Stocking 39th 12.90

400m (girls): Sydney Hales 5th 1:01.99, Jennifer Lythgoe 8th 1:03.91, Miranda Ross 9th 1:03.97, Sydney Price 11th 1:04.98, Makayla Bastos 15th 1:06.25, Callie Griffith 18th 1:08.14

400m (boys): Mack Hinckley 2nd 52.41, Bentley Ackerson 6th 53.38, Josh Benson 21st 57.24, JT May 23rd 57.43, Carson Guymon 25th 57.58, Matt Johnston 27th 57.77

300m Hurdles (girls): Annie Hill 12th 53.20, Anzlei Larsen 13th 53.83, Mckinley Raven 15th 54.16, Savanna Dorrough 16th 54.26, Emilia Chamberlain 17th 54.57, Mae Foster 18th 55.27

300m Hurdles (boys): Connely Hill 5th 43.58, Caleb West 6th 43.74, Nathaniel Foote 8th 44.68, Treyson Poppinga 14th 46.44, Adam Edwards 23rd 52.14

200m (girls): Jennifer Lythgoe 8th 27.33, Sydney Hales 9th 27.42, Lucy Clawson 10th 27.46, Miranda Ross 12th 27.51, Karissa Bingham 13th 27.78, Sydney Price 15th 28.04, Makayla Bastos 21st 28.33

200m (boys): Connely Hill 7th 23.14, Kaden Smith 12th 23.72, Peter Meuzelaar 17th 24.41, Matt Johnston 31st 25.29

The following are finals events that were run/jump/thrown on Wednesday. Top 4 qualify for state, including relays.

1600m (girls): Abbie Randall 3rd 5:22.26, Anna Baird 12th 5:46.31, Madelyn King 19th 5:55.91, Savanna Dorrough 29th 6:10.44

1600m (boys): Josh Benson 15th 4:43.52, Connor Weldon 24th 4:52.48, Josh Horner 27th 4:54.83, Jake Giles 32nd 5:08.69, Brock Coombs 36th 5:16.05

Sprint Medley Girls 2nd 4:49.98 (

Sprint Medley Boys 2nd 3:47.39 (

Girls Long Jump: Karissa Bingham 5th 15-9.75, Makayla Bastos 8th 14-9, Hedda Olholt 9th 14-8, Anzlei Larsen 10th 13-11.50, Lexi Vernsey 14th 13-8.75, Rachel Heath 19th 13-.25

Girls Shop Put: Ellie Tuddenham 9th 28-9, Quincy Olney 11th 28-6, Payton Caldwell 19th 23-10, Hannah Moss 21st 23-4, Miriam Dunn 22nd 23-0, Kelsey Crane 23rd 22-9

Girls Javelin: Quincy Olney 2nd 103-8, Ellie Tuddenham 3rd 99-3, Ellie Martindale 12th 81-1, Livi Rand 15th 79-11, Erika Fredericks 16th 79-01, Maddie Mair 21st 60-4

Boys Discus: Parker North 9th 110-00, Jay Nelson 11th 102-04, Seth Heaton 13th 101-03, Enrique Ferreyra 15th 100-08, Dallen Bullock 24th 80-09, Weston Simper 28th 72-01

Thursday saw much better weather conditions with only a slight breeze and temperatures again in the mid-60’s. The meet started at 3:30 with the girls 3200m, followed by the finals of all Sprint Events. Top 4 in each event qualify for state.

3200m (girls): Abbie Randall 2nd 11:39.05, Hailey Ellis 11th 13:03.15

3200m (boys): Jake Giles 21st 11:01.11, Brock Coombs 26th 11:21.20

100m Hurdles: Annie Hill 1st 16.26, Ellie Martindale 4th 17.20

110m Hurdles: Connely Hill 3rd 17.24, Caleb West 5th 17.52

100m (boys) Kaden Smith 5th 11.60

Girls 4×100: 5th 51.46

Boys 4×100: 5th 45.55

400m (girls): Sydney Hales 2nd 59.40, Jennifer Lythgoe 8th 1:01.29

400m (boys): Mack Hinckley 2nd 50.77, Bentley Ackerson 7th 52.67

300m Hurdles (boys): Caleb West 6th 43.52, Connely Hill 7th 44.20, Nathaniel Foote 8th 44.32

800m (girls): Anna Baird 11th 2:29.27, Madelyn King 16th 2:33.21, Lotte Pensky 18th 2:33.77, Brooke Sargent 24th 2:36.90, Savanna Dorrough 26th 2:38.10, Grace Neal 31st 2:45.42

800m (boys): Kellin Olsen 4th 2:01.69, Carson Guymon 18th 2:08.99, Josh Horner 19th 2:09.26, Brayden Guymon 25th 2:10.56, Ethan Huntsman 31st 2:18.49

200m (girls): Jennifer Lythgoe 8th 27.81

200m (boys): Connely Hill 8th 23.95

Girls 4×400: 1st 4:05.23

Boys 4×400: 2nd 3:30.84 (Bentley Ackerson, Josh Benson, Kellin Olsen, Mack Hinckley)

Girls Discus: Erika Fredericks 7th 86-07, Payton Caldwell 13th 66-1.50, Kelsey Crane 15th 63-03, Maddie Mair 21st 49-2

Girls High Jump: Lexi Vernsey 3rd 4-09, Alisha Maxwell 5th 4-09, Annie Hill 6th 4-09, Karissa Bingham 7th 4-07, Rachel Noyce 13th 4-05

Boys Long Jump: Vic Ostergaard 18th 17-11.75, Nathaniel Foote 24th 17-03, Carson Guymon 30th 16-9.50, AJ Johnson 34th 16-2.50

Boys Shot Put: Jay Nelson 4th 43-11, Braxton Turner 10th 37-01, Enrique Ferreyra 14th 35-4.50, Seth Heaton 18th 33-10.50, Dallen Bullock 26th 28-7

Boys Javelin: Jay Nelson 5th 140-00, Ethan Muse 18th 110-07, Parker North 19th 110-06, Enrique Ferreyra 20th 100-11

The girls team scored 96 team points placing them 4th overall with Springville claiming the Region title with 136.5 points. The boys team scored 65 points placing them 5th overall in the Region with Timpanogos claiming the Region title with 180 points.

Those athletes that placed top 4 in their respective events at Region or ran/jump/threw a qualifying state mark throughout the season, will head to BYU this Thursday and Saturday to participate in the State Meet. Events start at 10am on Thursday with events starting at 8am on Saturday.