Wasps News · A Boost of Morale for the Cross Country Team at the Uintah Meet


One by one our athletes filed off the busses, stretching out their stiff muscles from sitting for two and a half hours. Gusts of wind nearly blow our freshman and middle schoolers off their feet as we headed over to the pavillion to prepare for the race ahead. The Uintah meet is small,here we only compete with Union, Uintah, Duechesne, and one other small school if we are lucky but it still expresses pre race jitters as athletes mull over the course map and repeatedly ask for when the race will start. We love racing here because of the positive environment.

Uintah and Union are great schools and always have incredible sportsmanship between coaches and athletes. It also provides a calmer environment for our athletes to compete in smaller meets. It helps boost moral and often helps our teams get over mental blocks they might be having in their races. Our boys raced first, with the meet being so small we were able to race both the JV and Varsity together which provided a huge benefit.

We saw many of our JV runners improve drastically by racing with the faster group. In fact all but a few of our runners improved their time from 30 seconds to almost 2 whole minutes which is incredible and we hope to see that kind of improvement as we continue throughout the season.

Our top seven boys all did an immaculate job racing here taking 1st place. Josh Horner had a killer race with Uintah’s Dayton Merrell and took 2nd place overall by only fractions of a second. This resulted in his seasons PR of 16:36.89. Following Josh we had Bentley Ackerson with a time of 16:55.39, Jake Giles with a time of 17:00.91, Connor Weldon at 17:02.83, Carson Guymon with a time of 17:03.19, Josh Benson at 17:03.61, Ethan Huntsman with a time of 17:04.2, and Trevor Hardy at 17:06.82. Not only do we have the top 5 runners within 30 seconds of eachother but we now have our top 8 runners running within 30 seconds of each other. This puts our boys team in great position for region and state and we are excited to see where these next few races will take them.

Our Girls raced following the boys, the wind had died down drastically at this point and they had nearly perfect racing conditions. Our girls were able to take first place as well. Abbie Randall again had a fantastic race and took first as well as improving her best time this season by almost a whole minute. She raced an 18:38.67, following Abbie we had freshman Allison Munck with a time of 19:44.8, Lillie Randall at 20:18.27, Emma Page at 20:21.02, Madelyn King racing at 20:36.8, Danny Krull at 20:39.07, Anna Baird with a time of 20:42.85, Savannah Dorrough at 21:26.99, and Naomi Cernyar at 22:20.92. Over all these girls did an amazing job sticking together and for the top five we have them all within two minutes of each other which is a huge improvement and keeps us in good positioning for these girls to make it to state. Almost all of them dropped time with Emma, Danny, Savannah and Naomi dropping over a minute off of their season PR’s. This was definitely the race we needed this season to get everyone’s spirits up and get them excited and ready to go to state.

We saw amazing times from every athlete and honestly I wish there were room to highlight everyone because our whole team did such an astonishing job. If you would like to support these incredible runners our next race is the Viking race this Saturday at 8am at Pleasant Grove Highschool. We would love to see you there! Our athletes are also still selling bracelets as a fundraiser so make sure to support them with that if you see them or if you would like to know more about it you can email me at jyhorner@gmail.com

Jenni Young

September 2019