Wasps News · Wasatch Cross Country Battling for Faster Times at the Viking Invite

Crisp autumn mornings always make perfect racing weather!

The Wasatch Cross Country team finished yet another incredible race this past Saturday at the Viking Invitational at Pleasant Grove High school. This is a faster course with it being mostly flat and three one-mile loops yet highly competitive with some of the best schools in the state racing here.  It gave our team a chance to race with a faster crowd, which is an important dynamic to work with in preparation for State.

The first race to start out that morning was our freshman and sophomore girls. They raced really well and were able to take 3rd as a team. We have been really pleased with many of our underclassmen and their performances and they just keep surprising us with their athletic ability and improvements. Abi Krull was our first girl through taking 7th place and obtaining a personal best of 22:00. Our next girl through was Mary Cernyar who also obtained a personal best at this race of 23:48. Following out top two we had Jena Mahoney with a time of 23:56, Nettie Graham with a time of 23:57, and Kelsie Dalton with her personal best of 24:45.  Another notable runner in this race was Kallie Kuch who was also able to get a personal best this race.

Next we had our freshman sophomore boys. In this race we had nearly 200 runners and on this course there was a pretty severe bottleneck at the end of the 100-meter start, however, our boys did an excellent job of getting out front and were able to take 5th out of 16 teams. Our first runner through was Zack Goode.  Even after sporting an injury the past several weeks he was able to pull out an amazing time of 18:01, following Zack we had Eastin McCotter with a personal record of 18:02, Christian Spencer with seasonal best of 18:34, Hyrum Allen with an 18:46, and Seth Wright with a time of 19:04. We also had some personal best times from Kayden Horner, Parker Webb, Drew Whimpey, Tanner Atkinson, and Jason Ellis. Overall an amazing race for these underclassmen!

Next we had our varsity runners. After a long week of intense speed work it was a pretty hard race for many of our athletes. Our girls took 6th overall with Abbie Randall leading our team with a time of 19:03. Following Abbie we had Allsion Munck with a time of 19:47, Lillie Randall with a time of 20:31, Emma Page with a time of 20:40, and Madelyn King with a time of 20:55. We were really pleased that our girls are continuing to close their gaps. In this race they were able to run closer together by 10 seconds and we are hoping to continue to cut that time down. 

Our Varsity Boys took 8th overall with Josh Horner leading our team with a time of 17:05. Following Josh we had Jake Giles with a time of 17:14, Bentley Ackerson running a time of 17:22, Ethan Huntsman with a 17:29, and Trevor Hardy with a time of 17:33. The last races of the day were our JV teams.

From our JV girls team we had Anna Baird lead out the race taking 2nd overall with a time of 20:47, following Anna we had Grace Neal with a time of 22:50, Anna McCullough with her personal best this season of 23:08, Becca Mathis with a seasonal best of 23:37, and Alivia Anderson with a time of 25:41. We also had a personal best from Sylvia Bernardi.

For our Boys JV we had Conner Weldon lead our team with a time of 17:21. Following Conner we had Caleb West with a time of 18:47, Caeden Jarvis running a 19:16, Hunter Patterson with a time of 19:57, and Luke Straddeck with a time of 20:11. We also saw some personal best times from Ethan Blanco, Coleman Atkinson, and Brian Ellis. So many good things came out of this race and we are excited for our next race this homecoming week.

If you would like to support our athletes they will be racing in our neighboring city of Park city this Friday with the races starting at 4:00 pm. 

 Jenni Young

  1. September 2019