Wasps News · Park City XC Invitational

Homecoming week is always a week of sacrifice for the cross country team as our athletes give up many of the festivities to train for their next race and prepare for region. It has been incredible to see the dedication that many of these kids have and we are excited to see that dedication pay off as we near the end of the season. Park City Invitational always adds a fun dynamic to the cross country season. It’s a beautiful course located on the trails of Quinn Junction and during this time of year it’s almost always perfect weather and beautiful scenery. It is also one of the more popular invitationals giving our team a chance to compete with several different schools.

Our JV girls started out the afternoon with a fast race. They ended up taking 7th overall with Grace Neal leading the way with a time of 22:49. Following Grace we had Naomi Cernyar at 23:00, Abi Spencer with her personal best time this season of 23:28, Becca Mathis at 23:42, and Jena Mahoney with a time of 23:42. It was great to see these girls race so close together. It is always exciting to see a group that big of black and gold jerseys pass uplifting each throughout the race. We also had some personal best times from Kelsie Dalton, Addie Crawford, Campbell Ford, and Kallie Kuch at this race!

Our next race was performed by our JV boys who ended up taking 4th overall! They were led out by Carson Guymon with a time of 17:55. Following Carson we had Eastin McCotter and Hunter Patterson with their personal bests this season of 17:55 and 18:15. We then had Hyrum Allen with a time of 18:27 and Seth Wright with a time of 19:03. Our JV boys had a flood of personal bests from Cam Horner, Kayden Horner, Brock Coombs, Jeremiah Dobesh, Logan Lebarge, Michael Pavicic, Isaiah Cieslewicz, Quinn Dunker, Ben Spencer, and Jason Ellis. It’s so exciting to see so many of them improve like this and It is nice to have so many JV boys competing for those varsity spots. It creates a really great team dynamic as they keep each other motivated.

We then saw our Varsity girls take off placing 5th overall. Abbie Randall led the race with an 18:52. Following Abbie we had Emma Page with her personal best time of 19:50, Allison Munck with a time of 20:01, Anna Baird at 20:22 and Madelyn King with her personal best this season of 20:25! It really was a sight to behold. These girls have worked so hard and it was nice to see them improve as a team overall. That race we also had some personal bests of the season from Dani Krull and Anna McCullough.

Last race of the day was our Varsity boys. It was a tough and very competitive race and our boys placed 14th out of 23 teams. Many of them raced really well and as a team there was only 27 seconds between our top 5 scorers. Bentley Ackerson led out our team this race with a time of 17:01, following Bentley we had Josh Horner at 17:05, Conner Weldon with a time of 17:10, Trevor Hardy at 17:16, and Jake Giles with a time of 17:28. We also had some personal best times this season from Zack Goode and Christian Spencer.

Overall a great day for these athletes and we hope to see some more improvement during these last few races! If you would like to support this incredible team their next race is Wednesday October 2nd at Kiwanis Park in Provo. Races start at 3:30.

Jenni Young

September 2019