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Wasatch Cross Country Running Their Way to State

The Wasatch Cross Country team ran their region race last friday. Competing with 7 other schools for a chance to go to state, Wasatch came away with some amazing results. As we rode the busses over to Spanish Fork I don’t think I have ever recalled our athletes being so quiet. There was some serious reflection and anticipation going on before we got off at the Spanish Fork Complex.

We started off the afternoon with our JV girls. Running their last race of the season these girls pulled off some amazing times and by the end of the race they were nothing but smiles and were able to inspire the rest of the team. Our first girl through was Grace Neal running a 21:35, her personal best this year. Following Grace we had Abi Krull come in with her personal best of 21:39, Naomi Cernyar with her personal best time of 21:42, Anna McCollough with her best time this season of 21:55, and Abi Spencer running a personal best time of 21:58. We also had personal best times from Audrey Burton, Megan Woodward, Jena Mahoney, Kelsie Dalton, Mary Cernyar, Becca Mathis, Brooklyn Christiansen, Alivia Anderson, Bailee Cragun, Kallie Kuch, Molly Baird, and Cambell Ford. It was obvious that these girls heeded to Coach Shauna Bowdens training this season. Because of the tapering they did, many of them were able to take 30 seconds to more than a minute off their times. An incredible end to their season.

Following the girls we had the JV boys race. This race was an amazing sight to behold. It was incredible to see the determination in each of them as they ran. Most if not all of them were able to get increasingly faster throughout the three miles which can be a very difficult technicality to racing cross country. It was obvious to see that all of them really learned how to pace themselves well this season and we hope to see many of these boys make it onto the Varsity team next year. Our first boy through was Ethan Huntsman running a time of 17:25, following Ethan we had Eastin McCotter running his personal best of 17:41, Caleb West running his best time this season of 17:42, Seth Wright with a personal best time of 17:55 and Hyrum Allen running a 17:55. We also had some Personal best times from Christian Spencer, Kayden Horner, Parker Webb, Brock Coombs, Jeremiah Dobesh, Hank Bird, Trevyn Brindley, Drew Whimpey, Quinn Bradshaw, Brock Reeder, Logan Lebarge, Keith Cragus, Micheal Pavicic, Quinn Dunker, Ethan Blanco, Ben Spencer, Tanner Atkinson, and Brian Patterson. As with the girls we had some drastic improvements from the boys and as a team they were able to place third at region!

Our next race was our very talented girls varsity team. These girls have been training all season to get the times that they were able to get at region. They did an impeccable job sticking together and it was awe inspiring to see all of them come through the finish with times far exceeding their own expectations. Our first girl through was our very fast, very talented Abbie Randall with a time of 18:09. A personal best for Abbie which earned her second place just seconds after Springvilles Heidi Sumsion. Following Abbie we had one of our senior runners, Anna Baird, really outdo herself with a personal best time of 19:15. We then had three of our freshman prodigy runners come through with their best times this year. Allison Munck at 19:19, Emma Page running a 19:26, and Lillie Randall running a 19:46. From this race we also had Madelyn King with her personal best time of 19:49, Danielle Krull with a personal best of 19:58, and Savannah Durrough with a personal best of 20:43. With these times our girls were able to place 3rd securing them a spot at our State meet in two weeks.

Last we had our Varsity Boys Race. As mentioned in previous articles, this race really came down to grit and determination. Our region boys race very close together and we really didn’t know how this race was going to turn out. Luckily our team raced their best race yet this year and were able to secure a spot at state. It’s incredible that we were able to get both varsity teams through this year especially with how difficult the region was to compete in. Our first boy through was our Senior Josh Horner running his best time this year of 16:20, following our fastest runner we had Bentley Ackerson running his personal best of 16:23, Jake Giles with his personal best of 16:32, Conner Weldon with his personal best this season of 16:39, and Trevor Hardy with his personal best time of 16:41. We also saw some personal best times from Josh Benson running a 16:49 and Zack Goode running a 17:04. Overall an amazing race and we hope to see more outcomes like this at our state meet.

For more information on our region race, results can be found at runnercard.com. We would also like to encourage everyone to come to the state meet. It’s going to be an exciting race. Our girls will be racing at 1:30 and our boys at 3:00 on October 23rd at Sugar House Park.

October 2019

Jenni Young