Cross country, XC · XC State Championship

Last Wednesday the wind showed no mercy as the state cross country championships commenced at sugar house park in Salt Lake City. It was fun to be among our runners and feel the excitement that coursed through all of them.

The girls ran the course first. For Madelyn King and Anna Baird, this would be their last time running at state and for Lillie Randall, Allison Munck, Dani Krull, and Emma Page it would be their first. With so many new runners to our varsity team it was amazing to see how they all were able to pace each other throughout the course of the race. It was also an incredible opportunity to see the support the rest of our team had in coming and cheering on their varsity teammates and friends despite their homework load of first term. To start off our team we had Abbie Randall with a time of 19:15 following Abbie we had Allison Munck with a time of 20:04, Emma Page at 20:31, Madelyn King at 20:46, Anna Baird at 20:46, Lillie Randal at 21:05 and Dani Krull coming in at 21:38. Our girls raced hard and strong, many of them fighting off illness this last race, and finished the season out being the 10th fastest team in the state.

Our boys also did an exceptional job racing this last Wednesday. We had so many of our top JV boys fighting for those varsity spots so it was really inspiring to see the grit competitive edge that our athletes had going into this race. We were really pleased that both teams were able to make it to state and even more pleased when we saw that our boys placed three places higher than what they were projected to be as a team. Our Senior runner Josh Horner took the lead with an impressive time of 16:39, following Josh we had Bentley Ackerson finishing his last race at sugar house park with a time of 17:18, Conner Weldon finishing up at 17:20, Jake Giles coming in at 17:22, Trevor Hardy coming in at 17:33, Josh Benson with a time of 17:53, and Zack Goode racing at 18:03. Overall the boys placed as the 18th fastest team in the State.

It has really been an amazing run this season and we are so excited for how much everyone was able to improve and grow closer as a team. We as coaches are really proud of what they were able to accomplish and look forward to see how they will do racing in the off season at the Footlocker championships in California. It is always hard to believe when the season ends, it seems to fly by as fast as our runners but with a solid group of fast underclassmen we are already looking forward to how they will do next year.

Jenni Young

October 2019