Wasps News · Air Force Junior ROTC competes in St George

On November 16th, 25 cadets from the Wasatch High School Air Force Junior ROTC Raider Team traveled to St George and competed in the Dixie Air Force Obstacle Course Challenge. The Raider Team is a physical fitness club that focuses on building mental and physical strength. It promotes teamwork, self-discipline, and helps develop leadership and followership skills. The team works out 2-3 days a week doing things like running, tire flipping, push-ups/sit-ups, and weights. The team is made up of: Freshman Cadence Crumpton, Jeff Drury, Noah Gallup, Meg Harris, Monica Pulido and Kaleb Wilson; Sophomores Jacob Busch, Buffalo Cox, Kent Chambers, Colton Furnish, Donovan Harr, Jacob Jenkins, Nate Jones, Jayden McGeehan, Easton Mahoney and Tristan Ocana; Juniors Hanna Farra, Sean Harrison and Camron Nielson; and Seniors Hyrum Anderson, Jonathan Hendrickson, Tanner Jensen, Jackson Mendenhall, Kaden Smith and Mackenzie Wilden.

The competition at Dixie High School is centered around a 12-station obstacle course. Cadets in four-person teams navigated 12 stations while carrying a 30lb ammo can. Stations included a rope swing over a pit, scaling a 7 ft wall, balance beams, low crawl, rope wall, building coverage with 30 sandbags and pull ups. The cadets didn’t even start the course until they finished a 1.25 mile relay….all while wearing ABUs and combat boots!

Throughout the day cadets also competed in other challenging events, as teams or as individuals. Several cadets participated in the hand-release push-up contest: do as many Army style push-ups in 2 minutes. For the pacer test, cadets have to run 20 meters back and forth at the pace of a buzzer which gradually gets faster. Another popular team competition was the tractor tire flip: teams of four flipped a tire 100 yards. The day ended with a Tug-O-War and a military marching drill down.

Eleven schools from Utah and Nevada competed, representing JROTC units from four services: Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps. Wasatch came home with some hardware. Wasatch placed first in the Mixed Team Obstacle Course, out of 18 teams (running it in 16 mins 55 secs): Mackenzie, Hyrum, Tanner and Jacob J. Wasatch also placed first in the Tire Flip (2 minutes and 28 seconds): Tanner, Hyrum, Kaleb and Johnny. The 10 man Tug-O-War team placed second: Tanner, Johnny, Kaden, Colton, Jackson, Hyrum, Kaleb, Buffalo, Nate and Jacob B. Meg Harris placed 2nd in the female push-up contest with an impressive 58 push-ups in 2 minutes. And junior Camron Nielson finished in the top 8 of the drill down, which started with 100 cadets. This is a great accomplishment for the cadets since our program is only in its third year. The cadets will continue to train and work hard in all that they do. Congratulations on a job well done!