Wasps News · Three Wasps Sign to Play at the Next Level…

Recently Wasatch High School has added three more scholarship athletes to the next level of play:  Ellie Martindale in Volleyball, Riley Arnold in Softball, and Stockton Obrein in Wrestling!



Ellie Martindale

Is an incredible worker.  Not only is she a multiple-sport athlete at Wasatch High School, but her attitude while in competition is something to behold.  Her smile exudes positivity and accountability as a team leader and she has been that way for four years as a part of the Volleyball program at Wasatch High School.

Ellie has signed to play Volleyball with Snow College in the coming years!@

Congratulations Ellie!



Riley Arnold

Has managed to carve out a starting role for herself on varsity softball for the past few years.  Riley is an amazing individual and her love for the sport is apparent in her smile during everything she does.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to see her in action, visit the softball fields this year to see her pitch during a game.  Her ability is amazing and you will see why she has signed to play at the next level.

Riley has signed with to play Softball for Dawson Community College for the next few years.


Stockton OBrien

Has dominated on the wrestling mats for Wasatch High School throughout his wrestling career.  Those who know Stockton best have described him as an incredibly hard worker, but as a caring individual as well who carries himself with a quiet kind of dignity.  There are a few home matches left this season, so be sure to come out and see him in action, but don’t be late to the contest–his matches don’t last too long!

Stockton has agreed to take his talents to Utah Valley University in the coming years!

Congratulations Stockton!