Wasps News · Jack Jarret and Ryan Hanley sign with Montana State!

Jack Jarret has signed to play soccer at Montana State at Billings.  Jack has been on the Varsity squad the last three years.  Last year he was voted team captain by his peers.  Jack is a very talented soccer player.  He can play anywhere on the field.  He has played in the defense the last few years with high school and his club team.  Jack is also a gifted student.  As of right now he is a 4.0 student.

Coach Hendry says, “Jack has been a solid player for us the last three years.  He is always ready to step on the pitch wherever he is needed.  Jack is a player that gives everything on the field.  He is very talented and reads the game as he is playing.  He loves to antagonize his opponents by outplaying them. He is always looking to better himself and his team.  He is a great young man, and we are looking forward to 2021.”

Ryan Hanley has signed to play soccer at Montana State at Billings.  Ryan has been on the Varsity squad the last two years.  His sophomore year he went in for an injured player and from then on was a starter.  Ryan is a gifted midfielder and tactician.  Ryan was voted last year as a captain by his teammates.  Ryan is also a gifted and hardworking student having a 3.8.  Coach Hendry says, “Ever since Ryan stepped on the field he has not let down.  He is always looking to make his team play to a higher level.  He is ready to train and make himself better.  He controls the midfield and defense with his play.  Ryan is a player that you want to have on your team and not play against him.”

Wasatch High School is very excited to have both of these boys sign to go on and play at the collegiate level.  Both of these young men have been inspiring athletes to all the younger generation.  Both have been involved in clubs as players, refs, and coaches.  They have supported their peers at sporting events and other school function.  We wish the best for these players and are excited to continue to watch them play.  Both of their goals for this next year are to win Region and win State.