Wasps News · Wasatch Track Team Takes it to the Alpha Invitational

Wasatch Track took 5 athletes in each event and competed at 2021 Alpha Invitational March 31 – April 1 with 24 other schools.  The Girls Team took 11th place with 26.5 points while the boys team took 12th with 19 points.

The meet started Wednesday March 31, 2021 @ 2pm with the 4×200 relay followed by trials in the sprint events and finals in the 3200m with the 4×800 finishing off the running event.  Field Events contested were Girls Javelin, High Jump, Shot Put and Boys Discus and Long Jump.

Thursday April 1, 2021 the meet started with the finals in the 100m & 110m Hurdles, 100m, 1600m, 4x100m, 400m, 300m hurdles, 800m, 200m (all heats) and 4x400m.  Field Events contested were Girls Discus, Long Jump, Boys Javelin, High Jump and Shot Put.

Those who scored from the girl’s team are as follows:  Javelin Paige Berg 1st 117-02 – State Q. Livianne Rand 5th97-09 – BYU Q., High Jump Lexi Vernsey 6th 4-11 – State  Q, Shot Put Bailey Sweat 6th 31-5.50 – BYU Q. 4×200 Lexi Vernsey, Brigitte Ferreyra, Brooke Hunsaker, Madi Durrant 7th 1:52.01, 100m Hurdles Anzlei Larsen 7th 17.89 – BYU Q., 300m Hurdles Chloee Poppinga 8th 51.58, Discus Payton Caldwell 8th 84-09,

Scoring for the boy’s team are as follows: 400m, Connely Hill 3rd 50.90 – BYU Q., Josh Sanders 6th 51.86 – BYU Q. Javelin Parker North 4th 142-06, 4×100 Peter Meuzelaar, Jake Gillman, Josh Sanders, Connely Hill 5th 44.10 – State Q, High Jump Dakota Thacker 7th 5’9”,

Top 3 Wasps in each event are as follows:

Shot Put: (Girls) Bailey Sweat 6th 31-5.50 – BYU Q, Payton Caldwell 22nd 24-10.50, Emma Call 34th 21-08 (Boys) Brady Harding 24th 36-04, Weston Simper 27th 35-02, Parker North 31st 34-03

Long Jump: (Girls) Asha Chappell 15th 15-03 – BYU Q, Madi Dahl 17th 15-02 – BYU Q, Callie Bingham 31st 14-3.50 BYU Q (Boys) Carson Guymon 23rd 18-10 – BYU Q, Peter Meuzelaar 26th 18-8.50 BYU Q, Layton McMaster 51st15-06

Javelin: (Girls) Paige Berg 1st 117-02 – State Q, Livianne Rand 5th 97-09 – BYU Q, Alisha Maxwell 12th 82-0 (Boys) Parker North 6th 142-06 – BYU Q, Dakota Thacker 11th 121-08, Jaxon Morden 14th 116-05

High Jump: (Girls) Lexi Vernsey 6th 4-11 – State Q, Jade Parke 10th 4-09 – BYU Q, Brooke Hunsaker 11th 4-09 – BYU Q (Boys) Dakota Thacker 7th 5-09 – BYU Q, Ryder Daines 19th 5-07 – BYU Q

Discus: (Girls) Payton Caldwell 8th 84-09, Sharaden Caldwell 14th 73-10, Megan Hunsaker 15th 71-00 (Boys) Parker North 16th 105-03, Jaxon Morden 20th 99-11, Brady Hardin 35th 91-11

800m: (Girls) Kate Giles 20th 2:29.92 – BYU Q, Jordan Gibby 45th 2:39.04, Alix Crawford 53rd 2:44.23 (Boys) Carson Guymon 36th 2:07.07 – BYU Q, Jake Giles 37th 2:07.70 – BYU Q, Brock Coombs 42nd 2:08.60

1600m: (Girls) Audrey Burton 64th 6:06.28, Alix Crawford 66th 6:09.14, Tesha Krull 68th 6:09.93 (Boys) Eastin McCotter 57th 5:02.22, Christian Spencer 64th 5:08.48, Trevor Hardy 79th 5:36.90

3200m: (Girls) Lillie Randall 55th 13:31.88, Kelsie Dalton 58th 14:32.84 (Boys) Wyatt Cernyar 72nd 12:23.91, Matthew Nichols 74th 14:10.76, Michael Pavicic 75th 14:11.84

100/110m Hurdles: (Girls) Anzlei Larsen 7th 17.89 – BYU Q, Rebekah Judd 9th 17.94, Mae Foster 29th 18.95 (Boys) Tanner Rowe 12th 17.62, Layton McMaster 14th 17.67, Easton Brown 46th 20.68

300m Hurdles: (Girls) Chloee Poppinga 7th 51.58 – BYU Q, Rebekah Judd 9th 51.09 – BYU Q, Scout Fisher 11th52.40 (Boys) Layton McMaster 22nd 46.15, Tanner Rowe 38th 48.55, Evan Baird 49th 50.81

100m: (Girls) Madi Durrant 35th 13.39 – BYU Q, Rebekah Judd 57th 14.01 (Boys) Josh Sanders 33rd 11.76 – BYU Q, Chris Cook 61st 12.24, Jake Gillman 66th 12.38

200m: (Girls) Madi Durrant 24th 27.25 – BYU Q, Lexi Vernsey 44th 28.52 – BYU Q, Asha Chappell 45th 28.56 – BYU Q (Boys) Connely Hill 11th 23.11 – BYU Q, Peter Meuzelaar 42nd 24.78, Chris Cook 48th 25.14

400m: (Girls) Brooke Hunsaker 29th 1:05.59, Jade Parke 38th 1:08.95, Isabella Benson 43rd 1:10.62 (Boys) Connely Hill 3rd 50.90 – BYU Q, Josh Sanders 6th 51.85 – BYU Q, Ryder Daines 33rd 56.82

4x100m: (Girls) Jade Parke, Brigitte Ferreyra, Madi Dahl, Lexi Vernsey 14th 53.34 (Boys) Peter Meuzelaar, Jake Gillman, Josh Sanders, Connely Hill 5th 44.10 – State Q

4x200m: (Girls) Lexi Vernsey, Brigitte Ferreyra, Brooke Hunsaker, Madi Durrant 7th 1:52.01 (Boys) Peter Meuzelaar, Kaden Hunter, Jake Gillman, Clint Bosshardt 9th 1:41.06

4x400m: (Boys) Carson Guymon, Corbin Broadhead, Jake Giles, Andrew Sullivan 12th 3:45.01

4x800m: (Girls) Kate Giles, Jordan Gibby, Allison Munck, Emma Page 9th 8:46.35 (Boys) Andrew Sullivan, Carson Guymon, Jake Giles, Brock Coombs 12th 10:32.81

For complete results of the Alpha Invitational held at Timpanogos High School, Please go to runnercard.com or type in the following link: http://results.runnercard.com/Results/results.jsp?meetid=1003371

Saturday, April 10th the Track Team will head to Taylorsville to compete with 28 other schools. The first event will start at 7:30 with the 4x800m relay.